Mar 072014



From Montreal  DJ / Producer Philgood Granja releases his first full EP on Spins & Needles!

Granja’s DJ career started in Montreal in 1992 at the age of 18 working as a clerk in Montreal’s famous TABOU, DNA, INBEAT record stores and as a frequent Dj at underground Raves. Holding down residencies at renowned Montreal after-hours clubs such as legendary Sona and overseas performances (France, Switzerland, USA, Colombia, Hong Kong) throughout the 90s and beyond, Granja has played records alongside Laurent Garnier,  Richie Hawtin, DJ Rush, Sven Vath, Green Velvet, Felix da Housecat, John Aquaviva and many more..

Recently getting back into studio production.. Granja has delivered a high caliber Tech House EP for Spins & Needles that works both in clubs and on headphones.

See below for Q and A with Granja


Artist: Granja

Title: Squid EP (4 tracks)

Style: Tech House


Super underground cassette release also coming the end of March!

squid-philgood 500 PXL WEB

Q and A… with Granja

1. How long you have been DJing?

22 Years as a professional dj in the electronic scene

2. What has Inspired you on these tracks?

Well the deep ocean and the Octopus are my inspiration. Natural light does not penetrate the deep ocean, like a dark place where you can get your energy of the sounds of the music. I want to explore the subject.

This project is a musical exploration of techno rhythm into the depths of the ocean.

3. What is inspiring you lately music wise?

The music that’s inspired me recently  is  what comes out of the label 50 Weapons, Modeselektor’ label. And also I’ve been inspired by the whole German thing, the whole Berghain sound, Ben Klock, Shed etc. Tracks that can get me trapped in the loop like the Ostgut guys for exemple. I also like DVS1 lately.

4. Do you like seafood?

(laugh) Well I do. But I don’t really eat Calamari too often because it breaks my heart.

5. Who would you love to collaborate with musically?

I find the music of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler very exciting.

6. Who are some of your favourite producers / album or song of all time?

Jeff Mills have always been my favorite producer. The Bells is by far my favorite track of all time.

7. What is the funniest story you have from DJing all these years?

Every gig I have a funny story because I like to laugh. I don’t really have a funniest story to tell, there’s too much to tell.

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Feb 222014


Style: Breakbeat / Funky

Label: Spins & Needles (SPINS 007)

Release date – out now on / Traxsource / Juno / iTunes – March 2014

Also super underground limited edition cassette tape coming in April

INFO: A Nu-school Funk / Breakbeat release from TO / Ottawa producer JayBizz LeFresh that also features guest appearances by J-Skilz and D-Mass. Cover art by Dom Laporte.


Release links:

Juno records:

Jaybizz lefresh Get Fresh Cover For SPINS BLOG

Q and A with JayBizz LeFresh

1. What was your source of inspiration on these tracks?

I just came back from Barbados, and I was in Trinidad & Tobago a little while back. Spending some time in the islands has definitely influenced my sound. Babylon is just a hint of what’s to come with my future projects.

2. What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on my next EP, CDN Club & Curry Bacon. Ghetto club vibes with Dancehall & Soca flavours. Tasty Booms.

3. How long have you been DJing and/or producing?

I bought my turntables in the summer of 2008 and I’ve been spinning on and off since then. I started producing at the end of 2011. Youtube & D-Mass were my mentors because I had no clue what I was doing. I still don’t know what I’m doing, I just know more (laughs).

4. What do you like to use for producing?

Ableton sat on my computer for months til I forced myself to learn it, so that’s all I use. That and a couple of plugins. I occasionally use an MPD26 or a midi keyboard as well.

5. What is your approach to DJing?

Give me 1200s, a battle mixer, and Serato and I’m good to go. Every now and then I occasionally throw the MPD into the mix as well. I’d like to start using it more often though.

6. You’re into a lot of new genres of electronic music – how would you define your sound these days?

Although I’m an open format DJ, I spin a lot of up-tempo Hip Hop/R&B with some Dancehall & Soca too.  As for the music I produce, its CDN Club; that’s my take on Bmore & Jersey club music.

7. You have a bunch of collaborations on this EP – who would you like to collaborate with in the future? 

I listen to a lot of club music so it would be dope to collab with producers actually from Baltimore & New Jersey. Even lesser known talent here in Canada would be tight too. Right now I’m most interested in collabing with vocalists and rappers. Get at me!

8. What is your favourite party drink?

The vibe of the night determines what I’m drinking. But If I’m going full party mode its beer & shots. Then water.. to cure a terrible hangover the next morning (laughs).

9. How important is fashion and style to your music and shows?

They’re very important. I try to wear something new every time I spin (laughs).  I see it as a performance. Its not just about the music. Of course you want to spin the best tunes, so why wouldn’t you want to look your best? 

10. You’re in TO now, how is that going?

Its awesome. Living in Toronto is new to me, so I’m still taking everything in.. Especially the Toonie Tuesday Roti at Kavita’s.

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Dec 032013

The Holiday Assembly at the Museum of Nature from N-Product on Vimeo.

A video of The Holiday Assembly and blog post by participating maker N-Product, comprised of dynamic husband-wife duo Dom Coballe and Chrystale Ladouceur. Not only do they make amazing slow goods in their shop (we love their Urbanwood pieces), they’re helping to build a better cultural scene, one collabo at a time.

Thanks guys!

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Nov 272013


When we started putting together The Holiday Assembly, we weren’t sure how it would turn out.

Inspired by night markets and Christmas markets in other cities, as well as the burgeoning creative scene in our own city, we were driven by the idea that we wanted to offer a new cultural take on the holiday experience in Ottawa, focused on gathering, music and making. A night time event that wasn’t about just simply purchasing, but that captured the spirit of hanging out, connecting, appreciating and creating leading up to the holiday season, in an environment that celebrated art, culture and community, and not just the commodity.

What a night. Last Friday’s The Holiday Assembly at the Canadian Museum of Nature was truly a blast.


There was great energy in the two rooms of the 4th Floor Gallery where the Assembly took place. A mix of DJs, artists, designers, makers, and local organizations came together to share their work and celebrate the lead-up to the holidays.

A big thank you to them, the Museum, and to everyone who came out to support local arts and culture, and committed to buying from independent designers and makers. Lots of love to our volunteers – we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s our recap from the event in photos:



Several DJs provided the soundtrack for the night, spinning a mix of funky house, old school hip hop, disco and techno. Spins & Needles record label mates DJs Greg Records, D-Mass and music director DJ Jason Skilz were joined by resident DJ Meterman, as well as Lamb Rabbit, J.E.T.S.. and Kurt Yates.



Alongside the DJs, local VJs and artists helped shape the atmosphere: Robbie Lariviere, owner of Fall Down Gallery, created a live animal-inspired art piece, alongside VJs Hard Science and Ina’s nature-themed visuals, and LED star installation by Spins & Needles creative director, Melanie Yugo.








Forty designers, makers and crafters from Ottawa and beyond, showcased a thriving handmade scene. There were a range of items from prints and photos to apparel to accessories and jewelry to wood and leather goods to food and drink.


Attendees participated in hands on workshops hosted by several makers: Leila Younis of meltingplastic on felt for fun and festivities; Sara Maclellan of forestiere on creating nature-inspired ornaments; Dom Coballe of N-Product on how to make solid wood bend; and Sara Pishva of Top Shelf Preserves on holiday refreshments.




Local organizations Apt613 and Hidden Harvest Ottawa hosted interactive stalls inspired by the quirks and nature within the city. Hearty Bakery also hosted a design-it-yourself holiday treat stall.


Again, thanks to everyone who participated and came out. You can also check out the hashtags #holidayassembly or #naturenocturne on our Twitter feedInstagram, or Facebook photo album for other highlights. And if you have any comments or feedback about the event, please send it our way.

We’ll be back in the new year with more great programming and new fun products. 

In the meantime, check out our latest release on the Spins & Needles music labelDecember Silkscreening 101 Workshop, and items in the shop. We’ll also be at this upcoming holiday sale so stop by and say hi.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who took photos during the event – you know how crazy it can get to capture everything. Photos above and throughout the night courtesy of @idreamofkittens, JackpineIndie*Go DesignsA Curious ShopRavenswing Ottawa, @blairsmithfotos, ForestièreN-Product Inc, @aftertheharvest, DJ J.E.T.S.Zambo’s Hot Sass Hot Sauce, @meridavss,urbanite jewelrySpins & Needles


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Nov 192013


The Holiday Assembly is only a few days away! So where did we get our inspiration for the event?

A holiday event combining a night market with DJs and other installations and activities has been on our minds for few years now. After visiting traditional European markets in Stockholm and Copenhagen, and night markets in Seoul and Bangkok, we wanted to put something together that reflected the Canadian holiday spirit in Ottawa, but in a creative way. Essentially a new take on the holiday cultural experience in Canada’s capital.


When the Canadian Museum of Nature approached us last summer to be a part of Nature Nocturne in November, we thought this would be the perfect time to put this together. Plus, November is Support Local Month in Ottawa, so we’d get to celebrate local creativity in a beloved national institution.


Originally the name of the event was simply Holiday Night Market. But we wanted to expand the concept of what the event was about, putting the focus on not just the shopping aspect of the holidays, but also on gathering people together through music and making. For us it was about engaging with the holidays in an intentional way, whether it’s supporting independent makers through your purchases or customizing your holiday experience through your own creations. And so The Holiday Assembly emerged as the name.


We’re really excited to bring you the very best of  the lead up to the holidays, but with a creative, contemporary twist. It’s like all the good stuff wrapped up in bow, on one night, with lots of traditional festive cheer. For more details, head here.

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Oct 102013


We’ve just just released another dance floor burner combining funky and disco house: In the Crowd, by producers/DJs J-Skilz and D-Mass.

The EP also features special remixes from new Canadian kid on the block Veev (Juiced Records) and Argentinian Ignacio Robles (who has releases on multiple house labels, and remixed the Spins & Needles EP Big Time).

>Listen up to the EP on our Bandcamp site and soon to be posted on the shop.

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Oct 012013


We’ve got some pretty amazing fall programming your way.

This November 22, we’ll be presenting the 2013 Holiday Night Market, a new take on the holiday cultural experience in Canada’s capital.

We’ll be teaming up with the Museum as part of their night time public program Nature Nocturne,  and as part of Apt 613′s Support Local Month in Ottawa.

Stay tuned for more information closer to the event.

Call for Participation:  Interested in getting involved? We’re on the lookout for artists, makers, and designers to be a part of this event > Complete your application form here.


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