May 272015


Launched in 2014, Knuckles & Notch is a new Risograph print and publishing studio based in Singapore founded by by Dhojhan (Djo) Hanapi, Marilyn Yun Jin and Muhammad Izdi, and now run by Joe, Marilyn and other collaborators. It was a serendipitous walk through the New York Art Book Fair and visits to Risograph studios in London that inspired them to start their own studio, centred on a relatively unknown printing machine in Singapore.

As part of their mission, Knuckles and Notch aims to elevate the profile of Risograph printing as a fine art practice in Singapore and beyond. They also provide a platform for local talent to produce and showcase their work to the public in a published form. A year into their company, they are well on their way: they’ve printed the work of dozens of artists (with themes ranging from political icons to sexuality to pop culture); organized Risograph-based exhibits; and provided hands-on Risograph workshops to design students.

Here’s what they had to say about their work.

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May 252015


Clay Hickson is a freelance illustrator living in Chicago, USA. He is also the owner/operator of Tan & Loose Press, a publishing platform centered around the Risograph which specializes in printing limited edition prints and art books. Using both analog (pencil) and digital tools, he is recognized for his vibrant, colourful works which reference pop culture, the 1980s, geometry and still life. His past clients include Bloomberg View, The Fader Magazine and Editorial Magazine. Clay’s latest project is the recent release of Tan Lines 3, which builds on previous publications featuring the work of leading graphic artists and designers from around the world in Risograph form.

Here’s what he had to say about his work.

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May 192015


Like last year’s Prints & Inks, we’ll be profiling the amazing artists, designers, studios and presses who are participating in this year’s Risograph edition.

First up we fittingly start with Knust, a pioneer of the stencil machine printing technique for art and publishing processes, including the use of the Risograph and its forerunner, the mimeograph. Knust is an artist-run publishing organization and print workspace based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, led by Jan Dirk de Wilde and later joined by Joyce Guley and others. It is also the name of the graphic department of artist-run organization Extrapool. Ask publishers and practitioners who have  been using the Risograph for several years now, and they will likely point to visiting the Knust workspace or viewing the work of Knust as a huge influence on their own Risograph work.

We were lucky enough to have Knust participate in an in-depth interview. Here’s what they had to say about their work: Continue reading »

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May 152015

blog-poster_printsandinks_risograph-jun052015Mark your calendars! This June is the return of Prints & Inks.

This year, we’re taking a different approach with our graphic art show, Prints & Inkswith the opening of our pop-up space, Possible Worlds, and Spins & Needles 10-Year Anniversary in 2015.

We’ll be bringing a series of shows to you featuring creative talent from Canada and beyond.

Our first gallery show is focused on the Risograph printing machine.

The Risograph produces prints similar to silkscreened prints, and is ideal for creative content produced in multiples, such as zines, art books, posters, flyers and album covers. A relative newcomer to the printmaking world, the Risograph is quickly becoming a definitive creative tool for artists, designers, presses, studios and institutions.

Visit the Prints & Inks 2015: Risograph Edition page to check out the amazing roster of leading artists, studios and presses from around the world who use the Risograph in their practice who will be featured in the show. We will also be posting artist profiles on the blog leading up to and during the show.

If you attended Prints & Inks in 2012 and 2014,  you won’t want to miss this.


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Sep 132014


Our fall 2014 workshops are up!

We’re most excited to announce our new Silkscreening 201 Workshop! Many have asked about learning how to print multiple colours. So we’ve created this new intermediate level workshop that steps it up a level and is an extension of the 101 workshop. No prior experience is necessary. Students who have already taken Silkscreening 101 will also receive 10% off Silkscreening 201.

Also new: we’ll be offering our popular Silkscreening 101 workshops 2x a  month: on a weekend day (Saturdays) and on a weekday night (Wednesdays) for those of you unable to make it on weekends.

Saturday, October 11 (12-5 p.m.)
Wednesday, October 29 (6-10 p.m.)
Saturday, November 8 (12-5 p.m.)
Wednesday, November 19 (6-10 p.m.)
Saturday, December 6 (12-5 p.m.)
Wednesday, December 10 (6-10 p.m.)
Each workshop is 5 hours. Saturday workshops are from 12 to 5 p.m. and Wednesday workshops are from 6 to 10 p.m.

Saturdays October 11 + 25 (12-5 p.m. both days)
Saturdays November 8 + 29 (12-5 p.m. both days)

Fore more info visit:
> Spins & Needles Silkscreening Page
> Silkscreening 101 Workshop Description
> Silkscreening 201 Workshop Description

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Aug 132014


Next in our Prints & Inks artist profile series is Drew Mosley, a self-taught illustrator, painter and heritage carpenter. Drew’s work reflects his passion for and wonderment with the natural world, from creating fantastical creatures to large-scale woodworking buildings and projects. His inital interest in illustration was sparked through skateboarding and street art as a teenager; it was in his early twenties when he began to foster his art practice. Since then, Drew’s work has been shown in Montreal, Vancouver, Greece and his hometown of Ottawa, where he actively contributes to shaping the local creative scene, including hosting drawing nights, and creating commissioned installations and pieces for local businesses and initiatives, combining both illustration and woodworking practices.

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Jul 292014


Next to be featured as part of our Prints & Inks artist profiles is Elyse Moir, a printmaker, arts facilitator and recent graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD). Her decision to pursue a creative career came several years out of high school, inspired by her love of visual culture as a teenager frequenting the local Halifax music scene. Integral to Elyse’s practice is community, collaboration and curation,  including organizing and participating in local group shows and events such as NSCAD’s printmaking student showcase Hot Prints, A BETTER PLACE print and sculpture show, Nocturne Halifax and Artist for the Day. Along with Merle Harley (also a Prints & Inks featured artist), she was nominated for a NSCAD student award for Cancon: A Practical Guide to Canada, Volume I, their collaborative printed work that reflects on Canadian nationalism, cultural icons and contemporary politics.

Here’s what she had to say about her work: Continue reading »