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DIY: Where the Wild Things Are Mask Tutorial

1. 1 – Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Materials, 2. Hair on Top, 3. Foam Facial Features, 4. Hair All Around, 5. Outlining Features, 6. Finished!

So the trick or treaters are out and about but us older folk still have a few more hours before we head out for a night on the town. Here’s an easy-peasy Halloween mask for all those still hunting for a last-minute costume, inspired by the film Where the Wild Things Are, and our Spins & Needles event last Thursday.

So here we go…

1 - Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Materials

Black/brown felt
Black/bron yarn
Craft foam: white, yellow, orange, brown
Black permanent marker
Paper plate
Popsicle sticks/barbecue skewers
White glue/glue gun

2 - Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Hair on Top


1. Cut out a half-moon of black or brown felt, slightly larger than the top of your plate. Glue to the back of the paper plate. Cut felt in strips to mimic hair.

3: Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Foam Facial Features

2. Cut out two horns from white foam, two eyes from yellow foam, pupils from black felt and white foam, nose from orange foam, and triangle teeth from brown foam. Glue to top of paper plate for the face.

4 - Where the Wild Things Are Mask - Hair All Around

3. Cut out strands of black/brown hair and glue to top of head and bottom of head. Use shorter pieces at the top and longer pieces at the bottom.

5 - Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Outlining Features

4. Using the permanent marker, outline the eyes, nose, and mouth, and lines under the eyes, the cheeks and nose (as shown in the photo).

6 - Where the Wild Things Are Mask: Finished!

5. Attach popsicle stick or skewers to the back of the plate using glue or tape.

Now put on your fuzziest-looking outfit and head out for a night on the town, Halloween style and show them you’re a wild thing!

Trick or treat!

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  2. Wow, I love this! This would be such a fun project to do with kids. I can just picture a classroom full of monsters. =) I’ll be linking.

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  5. nn è bella ma per dei bambini di 3-4-5-6 anni,nn per 7-8-9-10-11 ecc.

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  7. I love this mask! I linked this idea to my blog post. We did a Lit. unit on the book and I thought this would be such a great extension activity. I hope that’s ok.

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