Feb 092010

Extreme Craft + DJing

It was a crisp but lovely night last Friday and the crowds came out to see what was going on for Opening Cermonies at Winterlude 2010.

Jason Warming Up the Tent

At the Spins & Needles tent it was all about snow, lights, music and making. With the tent situated near the entrance to Majors Hill Park right beside Parliament Hill, we were in a great spot where people could weave in and out to experience what we started to call “extreme craft and DJing in the cold”.

Neon Knitting

Projects of the night included wool plush monsters and neon knitting while DJ Jason Pelletier spun some crisp funky tech beats that echoed around the Park. Lanterns were lit outside on picnic benches for people to take a seat and make stuff. The blue, green and pink lights blinking against the white snow definitely added to the atmosphere. The night was capped off with a fabulous fireworks show.


We kept warm in a few ways: standing beside the one heater at the back of our tent, running across festival grounds to grab some hot cider, or ducking into the artist trailer to grab some coffee or tea or just to warm up our hands.

Hanging Out

Thanks so much to our awesome volunteers, friends and S&N fans who came out! We had so much fun and can’t wait for the Spins & Needles Party at Crystal Garden Lounge next Friday in Confederation Park. See you there!

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  1. Looks like fun! Are we going to have a post with some details about the party?

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