Mar 192010

Flower Bombs at Museum of Civilization

To celebrate the first day of spring this weekend, here’s some news from Greta Grip, one of the urban cozy artist profiled on this blog. She’s calling on local Ottawa-Gatineau artists to add some graffiti to a non-descript tree in downtown Ottawa for all to see. Here’s the details:


When: Sunday March 21st (official first day of spring)

Where: The Tree: located at the traffic lights, on the War Memorial triangle between Elgin and Wellington ( >Google Map: The tree by the girl walking by in blue). The Tree is directly across the street from the row of provincial flags, in between the Congress Centre and NAC. I have tied red yarn around the tree.

What: knit/crochet Signs of Spring: flowers, leaves, animals, insects etc…

How: Go to The Tree on Sunday March 21st (any time) and attach your Signs of Spring to the tree.

Who: you, me and everyone! (pass the word)

NOTE: organizers take no responsibility for take-down. Graffiti at your own risk!


And in case you were wondering why I’ve been a bit MIA the last few weeks. I’ve been taking a much needed R&R from the hectic months of January and February with mini-breaks to Montreal and Europe. Posts on my crafty adventures there and photos to follow shortly plus some other exciting news!

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