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DIY Desk Corkboard

Here’s a project if you’re heading back to school this fall or want to spruce up your workspace. You can post inspirational photos, notes, magazine clippings, etc.

The inspiration for this was super unexpected. While surfing the website (a site similar to craigslist) for furniture last year, I came across the photo above which was in an ad for a work table/desk. But it wasn’t just the table I was interested in – I was interested in how the seller made the “Make” Corkboard Wall.  She was kind enough to send me easy-peasy instructions which I’ve modified to use the words “MAKE STUFF”.

Roll of cork sheeting (from an office supplies store or craft store)
Stanley knife
Thick cardboard (e.g. from furniture boxes)
White glue

1. Measure the wall space where you want to place your corkboard.
2. Cut out a piece (or pieces if it is a large wall) of cork that match your measurements. Cut out a piece of thick cardboard this size that also match your measurements.
3. Glue the cork sheeting to the cardboard.
4. Print the “make” lettering. I’ve included a template below for “make stuff” and also on my Flickr page. You can use different words if you want (e.g. DIY). You can get other free fonts at
5. Cut out the letters and trace them onto the cork and thick cardboard. Cut out with scissors or a Stanley knife.
6. Glue the cork letters to the corresponding cardboard letters. Then glue to the main large piece.
THE END! Now tack above your desk or anywhere else in your house where you want to post project ideas and other stuff.

Make Stuff Lettering

Thanks to Rilla for the instructions who moved back to Copenhagen last year (and who was coincidentally also a fan of S&N!)

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! I’ll definitely try this.

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