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DIY Deer Head Project from Chronicle Books

By popular demand, here’s the link to the original instructions for the DIY Deer Heads which inspired one of the projects at last month’s Spins & Needles Apres Ski installment, courtesy of Dorm Decor (published in 2009 by Chronicle Books). Big thanks to CB for posting the instructions on their blog!

For the deer head making at the Spins & Needles party (imagine 75+ people making them all in the same room!), we had to make a few adjustments to the instructions, so here’s our version:


  • Foam core (we got ours at the local dollar store)
  • Patterned adhesive paper (we used a wood pattern grain)
  • Scissors
  • Picture-frame hanging wire
  • Awl

We used scissors instead of a Craft/Exacto knife (don’t want any accidents!) Make sure the scissors are sharp enough to cut through foam board.

Instead of wrapping paper and spray adhesive we used patterned wood-grain adhesive paper, the kind used for lining drawers. (You could even switch your wood grain up with plaid or polka dot lining.)

We ended up using foam board from the dollar store but if you can’t find foam board, substitute it for cardboard, like from wine boxes, leftover packaging – you’ll get some really interesting patterns when you assemble it.

Spins and Needles | Ottawa | Apres Ski Event | 2011


1. Cut out deer templates.

2. Trace onto foam board: 2 deer heads, 1 deer body, 1 deer nose, 2 deer antlers, 1 mounting board.

3. Cut out foam pieces.

4. Take your wood adhesive paper. Trace templates onto your paper then trace a second set of templates. (You’ll also cover the back of the foam).

Spins and Needles | Ottawa | Apres Ski Event | 2011

5. Cut out all adhesive pieces.

6. Remove backing of each and stick onto front and back of each foam piece.

7. Assemble pieces as shown in the photograph.

8. Cut a piece of wire about 10” long. Poke a hole on either side of the mounting board with . Thread end of wire through both holes and wrap onto itself.

9. It’s now ready to hang about the mantle. THE END!

Spins and Needles | Ottawa | Apres Ski Event | 2011

It takes a bit of patience cutting out all the pieces but the end result is so worth it and definitely way greener and animal-friendly! Awesome project to work on if you’re stuck indoors at the ski lodge or your humble abode, with lots of potential for other animals too (elephants, giraffe, horses?)

More photos from our Deer Head Hall of Fame posted on our Flickr account.

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  3 Responses to “DIY Project: Foam + Cardboard Deer Heads”

  1. Thanks sooooo much for this! I found this other template see here:

    I tried to make a mini version of it, but it has way too many slots to cut.. my hand was cramping after it all. I like your version much better!

  2. Glad to hear it worked out J. Would love to see a photo of your what you whipped up!

  3. [...] followed these instructions, but I wanted it to be bigger than theirs, so I kinda free-sketched my template based on their [...]

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