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DIY smoothie bar
Photo via Hip Hip Hooray

Brunch is such a great way to get friends together – in our opinion it’s the best meal of the week and our weekends aren’t complete without having brunch at least one of the days. On trips to different cities, one of the first items on our to-do list is to check out where we can have brunch the following day.

In fact, we’re so hooked on this idea of mixing beats, projects and brunch that two Sundays after the Bricolage Brunch a group of us got together to host our own little party!

If you’re interested in planning your own Bricolage Brunch – whether it’s a special event or a casual get together or a reason to celebrate sunny days ahead – here’s a collection of photo inspiration to help you get going to host your DIY brunch.Watch for the next post where we’ll feature projects for the “bricolage” part of the brunch.

Brunch Invite

Create an invitation or poster, like the invite above by take a megabite for a Valentine’s Day Brunch.

Mini Monkey Bread

Make some yummy Mini Monkey Bread (includes recipe to make your own).

Pancake Breakfast

Take your brunch outdoors and serve up mini pancakes complete with wildflowers (via DesignSponge).

Pancake Breakfast

Stick colourful little flags with names into your pile of pancakes so everyone knows where they are seated.

Summer Rooftop Pancake Bar

Or, instead of serving up brunch as courses, create a DIY pancake bar where partygoers can add their own toppings (via Green Wedding Shoes). Find some old frames, replace the glass with a piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint, then write out instructions for how to garnish your pancake.

Cereal Bar

Another alternative is to create a DIY cereal bar with lots of different kinds of cereal, milk and toppings. Screenprint or using iron-on sheets, create bunting with the words “CEREAL” draped across the table (via mycakies)

Cereal Bar

Garden Inspired Buffet Brunch

Raid your nearest thrift store for some vintage tablecloths, old chairs,  and some glassware in one colour scheme, like this green-inspired outdoor garden party. Don’t forget to look for a kitschy chicken. (via HGTV)

Garden Inspired Buffet Brunch

Spring Brunch Outdoors

With spring around the corner, take the brunch into your backyard by pulling out a table and some chairs from the house and dressing it up with some bunting (via The Dinner Toast)

Champagne Brunch

For a late-afternoon light brunch (or is it linner? lupper?), set up a champagne bar and keep it light with scones, fruit tarts and berries (via HGTV).

Juice Bar

Or keep it non-alcoholic with a juice bar, dressed with matching straws and matching doily bunting (via Wide Open Spaces) Or a smoothie bar (featured in the first photo of this post via Hip Hip Hooray)

Garden Inspired Buffet Brunch

Or add a twist and serve mimosas, lemonade or juice in mason jars, topped off with a lemon or lime (via HGTV)

Baby Shower Brunch: Name tag

Use colourful linens as coasters, napkins, or to decorate your glassware (via HGTV)

Breakfast Burrito

Whip up a variety of brunch dishes, like a breakfast burrito. Mix up pieces of bacon, eggs, small tortillas, cilantro, sliced peppers, sour cream, parsley and diced tomato (via Styled)

Breakfast Pizza

Or create something untraditional, like Breakfast Pizza (includes recipe to make your own!) (via Artisan Bread in Five)

Fruit Kebabs

Food on sticks is a great way to show off different colours and textiles. We’re loving different pieces of fruit (and how easy it looks to prepare!) (via Quick-Dish.Tablespoon)

French toast kebabs

Whip up some french toast slices, cut them into smaller pieces then add blueberries and strawberries to create French toast kebabs (via Project Wedding)

CInnamon Roll Lollipops

If you’re going for pure sweetness, make these mini cinammon rolls on a stick (via OneWed by Zoebakes)

Menu Idea

Create a menu to let your guests know what you’ll be serving. Write out your menu in Courier font, print on an an oldschool pad of lined paper, and using a fastener, attach to the back of a file folder or cereal box folded in two. (Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs)

DIY Granola Favours

To make the party even more memorable, give each of your guest an awesome thank you gift like this mason jar of homemade granola (includes DIY instructions to make your own) (via Labelle Bride)

Favour Bags

Or a wacky favour bag filled with ephemera like candies, a sketchbook or notebook, or the carnival grab bag above created by JesseDeanna (includes DIY instructions for how to make your own).

Bacon and Eggs Instructions

Or make it edible right away with this DIY bacon and eggs favour you could place at the exit for guests to make and eat before they leave (via mycakies)

Bacon and Eggs Instructions

Next up: blog post on DIY projects for your bricolage brunch!

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