Feb 142012

The theme for this month’s party was inspired partly by a trip to Quebec City and the snowy mascot for their famous winter Carnaval. So what happens when cabin fever meets friendly abominable snowmen?

Here’s some graphic designs and prints of the infamous snow monster, the yeti, to help you get inspired for Friday’s event.

Above: Yeti & Casio by Megan Whitmarsh

Yeti at Night by Ryan Snook

Nonnative Abominable Snowman Crew T-Shirt by Oki-Ni

Big Thanks by Lucas Richards

Yeti Shadow Puppet by Owly Shadow Puppets

Abominable Frostbites by Nate Wragg

Burping Yeti by Jim Whittamore

Freddy Mushyeti by Don Clark

Yeti by Jeff Kandefer

Snow Monster by Victoria Samoylova

Hitchin’ a Ride by Jay Fleck

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