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We’ve announced the amazing Canadian artists, illustrators, printmakers and designers who are taking part in Prints & Inks this month.


Featuring 30 selected artists, illustrators and designers from the capital and other Canadian cities working in the diverse field of print and graphic arts. A mix of emerging and established talent, many of whom are showing in Ottawa for the first time. Curated by Melanie Yugo, Spins & Needles Creative Director.

Raymond Biesinger (Montreal)
Andrew Benson (Edmonton)
Diane Bond (Ottawa)
Gregory Brunet (Montreal)
Julia Dickens (Toronto)
Michael Haddad (Ottawa)
Merle Harley (Halifax)
Josh Holinaty (Edmonton)
Danny Hussey (Ottawa)
Kid Icarus (Toronto)
JP King (Toronto)
Jenn Kitagawa (Toronto)
Jadyn Klassen (Winnipeg)
Eunice Luk (Toronto)
Kirsten McCrea (Toronto)
Drew Mosley (Ottawa)
Elyse Moir (Halifax)
Alicia Nauta (Toronto)
Le Pire Shirt du Monde (Montreal)
Popolo Press (Montreal)
Ross Proulx (Ottawa)
Luke Ramsey (Pender Island, BC)
Marta Ryczko (Toronto)
Amery Sandford (Halifax)
Stephanie St-Jean Aubre (Gatineau/Montreal)
Jill Stanton (Edmonton)
Guillermo Trejo (Ottawa)
Anne Tessier (Ottawa)
UNIK Print Shop (Montreal)
whatisadam (Montreal)
Colin White (Ottawa)

You can find the list and event details here.

Plus look out for our rad handprinted posters around town. Printing up propaganda the old school way.

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