Jun 052015


Prints & Inks 2015: Risograph Edition is here!! Opening night is this Friday, June 5.

When: Friday, June 5 from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
Where: Possible Worlds (708G Somerset St. W., Chinatown, Ottawa. Top floor of the plaza between Cambridge and Arthur Streets)
Resident DJ Jason Skilz will be spinning underground beats.
View the artworks in the gallery, find out more about the Risograph machine, as well as Spins & Needles first Risograph publication, Noise in NYC.

Web: www.spinsandneedles.com | www.possibleworldsshop.com
Twitter x Instagram: @spinsandneedles | @possworldsshop
Hashtag: #PrintsandInks
Facebook: Spins & Needles | Possible Worlds

See you there!

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May 152015

blog-poster_printsandinks_risograph-jun052015Mark your calendars! This June is the return of Prints & Inks.

This year, we’re taking a different approach with our graphic art show, Prints & Inkswith the opening of our pop-up space, Possible Worlds, and Spins & Needles 10-Year Anniversary in 2015.

We’ll be bringing a series of shows to you featuring creative talent from Canada and beyond.

Our first gallery show is focused on the Risograph printing machine.

The Risograph produces prints similar to silkscreened prints, and is ideal for creative content produced in multiples, such as zines, art books, posters, flyers and album covers. A relative newcomer to the printmaking world, the Risograph is quickly becoming a definitive creative tool for artists, designers, presses, studios and institutions.

Visit the Prints & Inks 2015: Risograph Edition page to check out the amazing roster of leading artists, studios and presses from around the world who use the Risograph in their practice who will be featured in the show. We will also be posting artist profiles on the blog leading up to and during the show.

If you attended Prints & Inks in 2012 and 2014,  you won’t want to miss this.


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Aug 132014


Next in our Prints & Inks artist profile series is Drew Mosley, a self-taught illustrator, painter and heritage carpenter. Drew’s work reflects his passion for and wonderment with the natural world, from creating fantastical creatures to large-scale woodworking buildings and projects. His inital interest in illustration was sparked through skateboarding and street art as a teenager; it was in his early twenties when he began to foster his art practice. Since then, Drew’s work has been shown in Montreal, Vancouver, Greece and his hometown of Ottawa, where he actively contributes to shaping the local creative scene, including hosting drawing nights, and creating commissioned installations and pieces for local businesses and initiatives, combining both illustration and woodworking practices.

Here’s what he had to say about his work: Continue reading »

Jul 292014


Next to be featured as part of our Prints & Inks artist profiles is Elyse Moir, a printmaker, arts facilitator and recent graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD). Her decision to pursue a creative career came several years out of high school, inspired by her love of visual culture as a teenager frequenting the local Halifax music scene. Integral to Elyse’s practice is community, collaboration and curation,  including organizing and participating in local group shows and events such as NSCAD’s printmaking student showcase Hot Prints, A BETTER PLACE print and sculpture show, Nocturne Halifax and Artist for the Day. Along with Merle Harley (also a Prints & Inks featured artist), she was nominated for a NSCAD student award for Cancon: A Practical Guide to Canada, Volume I, their collaborative printed work that reflects on Canadian nationalism, cultural icons and contemporary politics.

Here’s what she had to say about her work: Continue reading »

Jul 112014


Next up in our Prints & Inks artist profiles is Andrew Benson, a designer, art director, illustrator and screenprinter based in Edmonton. Originally planning to go to school as a chef, his roots in the local DIY/punk scenes led him to pursue a creative career in graphic arts and communications, currently as art director for the ad agency Free, and freelance designing gig poster and album art for bands around town. Inspired by silly comics, photocopied textures, slimy creatures, wobbly lines and scribbled type, Andrew enhances the punk aesthetic of his illustrations through the limitations and imperfections of the screenprinting medium. He was awarded an an Applied Arts 2013 Illustration award for Editorial Illustrations.

Here’s what he had to say about his work: Continue reading »

Jul 092014


Next up in our Prints & Inks artist profiles series is Jp King, a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist, designer, publisher and writer. Through print and paper, Jp takes an inherently experimental and socialist approach to culture. His work explores contemporary mythology, masculinity, garbage, and collective activity, which is manifested in collage, installation, murals, and multiples. He founded and operates the micro-publishing studio Paper Pusher, which champions the Risograph, a digital printing system that uses a process similar to silkscreening but produces high volumes. He is chief designer and literary editor at the art subscription Papirmass, alongside his wife and frequent collaborator, visual artist Kirsten McCrea (also a featured artist at Prints & Inks). A graduate of Concordia University, Jp is continuing his investigation of the intersecting fields of art, media and design as part of his Master of Arts degree at OCAD University. He was named a Top 30 Under 30 artist by Blouin Artinfo Canada in 2013.

Here’s what he had to say about his work: Continue reading »

Jul 072014

kirsten-mccrea-workingEven though Prints & Inks 2014 has come to an end, we received tons of positive feedback on the artist profiles we shared before the show. So we’re going to continue doing them over the next few weeks. Watch for them in this space!

In this profile we’re super excited to feature Kirsten McCrea, a visual artist and creative entrepreneur currently based in Toronto, via Montreal and Edmonton. A graduate of Concordia University, she is known for her collaborative art practices through which she explores politics, pop culture and patterns. Kirsten’s work has appeared at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Montreal’s Musée des Beaux Arts, and in publications including The Globe and Mail, Canadian Art, & BUST Magazine. She is a regular collaborator with groups such as En Masse (whose work was featured in the first installment of Prints & Inks) and Cease. Along with her husband, artist and printer Jp King (a featured artists in Prints & Inks 2014), she founded and directs Papirmass, an affordable art subscription that sends a monthly print to hundreds of people around the world. She was named a Top 30 Under 30 artist by Blouin Artinfo Canada in 2013.

Here’s what she had to say about her work: Continue reading »

Jul 052014


Thank you to everyone who contributed and came out to Prints & Inks 2014 last month!

We had such an awesome time putting the show together, sharing the work and profiles of amazing  visual artists and designers from across Canada, and creating a space that celebrated the fields of graphic arts and print. We only wish that the show could have lasted longer!

Here’s our recap in photos:


Prints & Inks 2014 featured a  selection of over 30 exciting Canadian talent in print, illustration and design, curated by Spins & Needles co-founder and creative director Melanie Yugo. Alongside the show was a pop-up shop, hands-on print activities, and a late-night art party. The work of Spins & Needles Silkscreening 101 Workshop alumni was also on display. It took place during the weekend of June 20-22, at the multidisciplinary collaboration venue, IdeaSpace in Ottawa.



Our first installment in 2012 focused on silkscreening as a medium. We expanded this second installment to focus on the diverse field of graphic arts and print in Canada, including illlustration and all forms of printmaking. We felt the work of Canadian talent in these fields needed to be highlighted, particularly in Ottawa’s art scene. We also wanted to continue to offer a show where original artwork, limited edition prints, and other print-related items could be purchased at an affordable price.




A few themes from the works emerged: reintepreted Canadian symbols, institutions and landscapes, experiments in typography and shape, the deconstruction of historical events to otherworldly motifs. Various techniques were used, such as silkscreen, lithograph, risograph, monotype, letterpress and ink and pen illustration.





Opening night was a blast – thanks to everyone who came out! Beats were provided by co-founder and resident Spins & Needles DJ Jason Skilz. The print lab, featuring artists Amery Sandford from Halifax and Stephanie St-Jean Aubre from Gatineau/Montreal, was where gallery-goers could silkscreen their own show poster. Several artists in the show were in attendance, including many from out-of-town.


We had so much fun putting the show together. It was an honour to share the work of such an amazing group. We got the chance to peek into their creative worlds through the artist profiles and through studio visits. The artist profiles were a hit, so we’re going to continue doing them over the next few months. Watch for them in this space!

A big big thank you goes out to those who helped with so many aspects of the show, particularly Diane Bond . Thank you to Ewald Friesen and IdeaSpace for hosting us.

Canadian artists, illustrators and designers in the capital.

To find out more about the show:

  • You can check out more photos on our Facebook page, and through our Instagram and Twitter feed using #PrintsandInks.
  • Read profiles of participating artists, from how they got started to their inspirations to perspectives on where they live to their future projects. More profiles will be posted over the next several weeks.
  • We’re also in the process of creating a downloadable zine for the show, which we’ll post this summer.

We are already thinking about our next installment…in the meantime, stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, workshops and productions! Sign up for our mailing list here.

Photo credits: Opening night photos by Travis Boisvenue

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Jun 192014


Next to be featured as part of our Prints & Inks artist profiles is Amery Sandford, an emerging printmaker based in Halifax, originally from Alberta.  She is a recent graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD), having completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree just this past spring. Through lithography and screenprinting, her work focuses on the construction of Canadian culture and identity, particularly in the west, inspired by printed tourist paraphernalia from the early 20th century. Over the last two to three years, Amery has exhibited her print work as part of group and solo shows in Halifax and beyond, and has started to add curation to her artistic practice.

Here’s what she had to say about her work: Continue reading »

Jun 182014


Featured next in our Prints & Inks artist profiles is Ross Proulx, an illustrator and designer based in Ottawa. Ross’ work uses clean lines and bold block colours,  reflecting a renewed mid-century modern aesthetic. His entrance into the design and illustration worlds was by accident. Now, Ross is recognized for his iconic gig posters and recently joined Huge as a Visual Designer, working for some of the biggest and most innovative media projects online. He continues freelance illustration for a range of clients such as Polaris Music PrizeFast Company and many other bands, musicians and festivals.

Here’s what he had to say about his work:

Continue reading »